Streaming - NextRadio is now available on all Android and iOS Smartphones


NextRadio now supports streaming on devices that are not FM-enabled

We are still committed to unlocking the FM chip in all phones but want to offer listeners the choice to listen to live, local radio on any phone.  That's why we've added the ability to stream radio stations on devices that are not FM-enabled, including the iPhone.

Thanks to the streaming addition, NextRadio listeners can now listen to participating FM radio stations outside their local area by using the search tool within the app to find your favorite radio stations around the country. 

Is your station's stream available in NextRadio?

If we don't have your stream, your station will not appear in NextRadio on devices that aren't FM-enabled.

 If you have an iPhone or Android device that is not FM-enabled, use the search feature to look for your call letters.  If you don't find your station, we don't have your stream.

If you have an FM-enabled Android phone, play your station from the Live Guide or find it via the search feature. From the Now Playing screen, tap the overflow icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner.  There will be a menu option that toggles between stream station and listen to FM.  If stream station is not available, we don't have your stream.


If you would like your station's stream added or changed, please Submit a Request or email us at  

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