Enhanced Content: Standards + Best Practices


Enhanced Content refers to the visual, interactive elements provided by TagStation that display in-sync with your station’s broadcast content (your broadcast audio) to create the NextRadio experience.

Enhanced Content increases your tune-ins and listening minutes in NextRadio, enables a deeper level of listener engagement with your brand and station initiatives, and is the foundation for quality data reporting for you and your advertisers.


The Basics

TagStation's Songs tool enables you to display album art plus song, artist and album name for your music.


TagStation's Schedule tool enables you to display an image, text & configurable interactions for your programs and personalities.


TagStation's Campaigns tool enables you to display a Companion Ad (an image, text and configurable interactions) in sync with a spot or promo, when it airs. 



TagStation also enables you to extend the visibility of any campaign's message through the creation of a Card. Think of a Card as a billboard that displays on the NextRadio Now Playing screen, beneath your music or schedule content.



Standards & Best Practices

To maximize the value of the TagStation + NextRadio platform, follow these guidelines.

Listeners want information about the songs you play. Give them what they want by maintaining at least a 90% match rate. Accurate song matches increase the number of tune-ins to your station, and provide better data for analysis within TagStation Reports.

1. Batch delete any auto-matched and unmatched songs that haven’t been played for 90 days or more.
2. Focus on matching your unmatched songs, then match any auto-matched songs that do not have artwork.
3. Only customize songs when necessary.


Use the Schedule tool to connect listeners to their favorite programs and personalities. At a minimum, create entries for Monday through Friday, 6am-10pm, that feature a custom image and have at least one configured enhancement.

1. Determine a consistent approach to the image, text, and enhancements you add for each Schedule entry. Adding an enhancement that links the listener to the Twitter or Facebook page of the program/personality is smart if they are active on social media.
2. Gather/create the visual and interactive elements, re-using assets from your website if possible.
(TagStation requires images that are a minimum of 450x450 pixels.) 
3. Enter your schedule blocks into TagStation. 
4. Maintain by managing exceptions and changes to your programming schedule when applicable.

You know that “big thing” you’re hammering on-air all week? Use Campaigns to create a Companion Ad so that each time the promo runs, your audience can see and act upon the message.  You should have at least one Campaign (with a Companion Ad) running at all times.

1. Determine the Cut/Cart IDs of the promos you wish to enhance.
2. Gather the visual elements and anything else you might need for the optional enhancements (URL, phone number, etc.).
3. Using the information in 1 & 2, create the Campaign for your station initiative so that the Companion Ad displays each time your promo airs.


A great way to extend the visibility of any Campaign is to create a Card, which displays on the NextRadio Now Playing screen, beneath your music or schedule content. Once your Campaign is created, adding a Card takes less than one minute.  You should have at least one Card displaying at all times. 

1. Create your Campaign (if it does not already exist).
2. In Settings>>Content>>Card Content, attach the campaign Card to your Music + Non-Music events.
3. In Schedule, attach the campaign Card to each of your Schedule events.

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