When does Schedule content display?


Schedule content displays when there are no audio events firing from your playout system.

You can also display Schedule content when spots or promos (that are not part of an active Campaign) are played from automation. 

This is enabled by going to TagStation Settings>>Content>>Replacement Content>>select "Station Schedule."

We recommend you use this Setting as it gives your Schedule content more prominence.

More Detailed Background

TagStation receives events from your playout system (songs, spots, promos), and each event has a duration. The content associated with each event is displayed for the duration of the event.

When the duration of an event expires and no new event has been received, TagStation will look to your Schedule and display its content (until the next event fires from your playout system).

If there is no Schedule content, the station default information entered in your Settings tab will be displayed.

You can ensure that Schedule content appears more frequently by toggling your Settings to enable Schedule content to display when spots or promos that are not part of an active Campaign are played from automation.

This is enabled by going to TagStation Settings>>Content>>Replacement Content>>select "Station Schedule."

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