Companion Ad & Card Enhancements available in Campaigns Tool


TagStation's Campaigns tool enables you to create Companion Ads and Cards.


A Companion Ad consists of an image, text and at least one call-to action-button.


These visual elements, which we call “enhanced content,” display in sync with the audio spot/promo, for the duration of the spot/promo, when it airs.


Think of a Companion Ad simply as the visuals that relate to, and accompany, the audio spot/promo.


Companion Ads represent the essence of moment marketing by creating a connection between the audio call-to-action and the listeners’ ability to take the action, in real time.



A Card is different from a Companion Ad.  It does not rely on an audio event (a spot/promo) to display.


Think of a Card as a billboard that you can set to display on NextRadio’s Now Playing screen.  It can display beneath music events (songs), non-music events (spots/promos/schedule entries), or both.


Cards enable the marketer to extend their campaign message outside the bounds of the audio spot, while capitalizing on the reach and frequency of the audio campaign.





Below are the enhancements that can be configured for any Companion Ad or Card:

Basic - Website


Basic - Phone

SMS Text


Find Nearby


Calendar Event


Coupon Code




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