Uploading a Song List or single Song


If you'd like to upload a Song List or single Song you can do so by clicking the corresponding button at the top, right of the Manage Songs page.  The advantage to either approach is that you have the opportunity to ensure proper matching before a song (or list of songs) plays.


Uploading A Song List



Clicking "Upload Song List"
will launch the pop-up window below which enables you to upload a tab-delimited file that contains three columns: Cut ID, Artist Name, Song Title.  An optional fourth column, Album Title, can also be used.  If you have this information we encourage you to upload it as well.  An example file can be downloaded directly from the pop-up window and is also available as an attachment at the bottom of this post.

Your uploaded list will be automatically be checked against the Gracenote database for accuracy and album artwork, and all songs will be added to your song library.




Uploading A Song




Clicking "Upload Song" will launch the pop-up window below which enables you to upload the song title, artist name and Cut ID for a song you have not yet played, but are putting into your automation system.  

The benefit of doing this is that you can manually match the song before if plays on-air, if TagStation does not auto-match it upon upload.







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