Songs without an Album name


If you play new music you may run into a situation every so often where the song you're playing is from an album that's yet-to-be-titled.  If you customize the song, you'll notice that "album title" is a required field.  So what should you add if there is no album title yet?

Here are a few examples:

  1. Single
  2. New Single
  3. (Single)
  4. Pre-Release Single
  5. Unreleased Album
  6. Album Coming Soon
  7. --

Feel free to customize with whatever language makes the most sense for your station and listeners if none of the above work for you.  Also, be sure to stay on top of release dates for the music you play - you'll want to login to TagStation when new music is released, and manually match any songs you customized (before they were released).

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