TagStation: How it Works



  1. TagStation connects to automation system
  2. Enhance songs, programs, spots and promos
  3. Visuals/interactions delivered in-sync w/ audio
  4. Makes broadcast radio more engaging

Overview & Transcript

New to TagStation? This video is the perfect place to start. Learn how audio events (from automation) are processed (by TagStation) and get a handle on the fundamentals of "how it all works" - core concepts that will help you greatly as you begin the journey of making your station look great on receiving devices.


TagStation lives on the web and receives a notification every time you play a song, a spot, or a promo from your automation system. We refer to these songs, spots and promos as “audio events.” 

TagStation then finds content related to the audio event and delivers the content in sync with your broadcast to mobile phones, car dashboards, and any future connected devices.

TagStation can also send the same content back to your playout system for delivery over HD.

TagStation enables you to enhance each audio event with an image, text, and a number of interaction points.

You can also define your daily broadcast schedule in TagStation, and deliver an image, text and a number of interactions related to each on-air show.

Let's take a look at how a song is processed by TagStation…

"Fame" by David Bowie begins playing from automation. TagStation is notified and receives the Artist, Song Title and Cut ID from your system. The first time this information is delivered, TagStation looks for a match in the Gracenote database. If it's able to find a matching record, the Gracenote information (including album title and artwork) is linked to the song received from your playout system. From this point forward, every time "Fame" plays on your station, the system will return the linked information from Gracenote and deliver it in real-time to connected devices. You don't have to worry about it coming in as all caps from automation - the delivered content will be cleaned up and have the proper casing.

For spots and promos, stations can create campaigns in TagStation that link an image, text, and interactions to cart numbers so that each time a particular spot or promo plays, TagStation knows to send the linked content for display on connected devices. In this example, we have a Geico campaign linked to a particular spot ID - whenever TagStation is notified that the spot is being broadcast, it will deliver the linked campaign content in real-time.

As you can see, TagStation enhances broadcast radio to provide an engaging and interactive listening experience for today's - and tomorrow's - connected devices. See our other videos to learn more!


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