Cards: Overview



  1. Cards increase visibility of Campaigns
  2. Content appears on Now Playing screen
  3. Display cards under audio or schedule events
  4. Up-sell capabilities to advertisers for more $s

Overview & Transcript

Cards are a great way to extend the visibility of your TagStation Campaigns. They appear on the Now Playing Screen below the current event, and can be configured to display for beneath songs (music events), spots and promos (non-music events) and schedule events.


To create a Card you must first create a Campaign in TagStation.  

Once your campaign is created, turning it into a card is easy. 

Cards can be attached to music and non-music events from the Content section of your TagStation Settings page. 

Cards can also be attached to a Schedule event by clicking into that event within the Schedule tab of TagStation.

For example, if I want to promote a live broadcast event each time a song plays, I go to my Settings page and navigate to the Content sub-tab. From here I can select up to five cards to display beneath my music events and or my non-music events.   

To associate my live broadcast card with my music events, I click the "select" button, browse through my available campaigns and select the correct one. Upon doing so a preview of the card content appears in the music events list.

Now, when a music event is played on-air, my live broadcast card will appear on NextRadio’s Now Playing screen.

I can do the same for my spots or promos. I select the campaign I’d like to display as a card, and any time a spot or promo plays on-air, my card content will be displayed.

If I want these same broadcast details to appear when my Morning Show schedule event displays, I simply navigate to the correct Schedule event and select the appropriate card.

For more on card configuration, see our related videos. Thanks for watching!

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