Schedule: Customizing a Schedule event



  1. Edit existing events at any time
  2. Add show-specific details on the fly
  3. "Restore" to original version with one click

Overview & Transcript

Once you've created your Schedule in TagStation, there are a number of ways to customize events to keep Schedule content relevant and engaging for your listeners.


For example, let's say I want to update the image of my Morning Show for the holiday season. To edit a repeating event, click any instance of the series and make sure that the "Edit series" button in the upper left of the edit screen is selected. I can then upload my new image and update the event series. Changes made while editing the series will update all past and future instances of the event.

Now, what if I want to make sure my listeners know that there's a special morning show guest on Thursday? I can make edits to a single instance of a repeating event by clicking Thursday's Morning Show event, and this time I'm going to click the "Customize event" button in the upper left. I'm now editing just this instance of the Morning Show - changes made here will only affect Thursday's content. I'll add in a note about the special guest and upload a relevant image.

As you can see, the content for Thursday is specific to that day's programming and Wednesday and Friday maintain the regular Morning Show content.

Now let's say that a guest we had booked a week out has cancelled their appearance. I created a customized version of the Morning Show content for that day that included some details about the guest, but I can now easily reverse my customization by clicking "restore" in the original instance. My customized event has now reverted back to the regular repeating Morning Show content.

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