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  1. TagStation attempts to match songs to artwork
  2. Auto-matched =TagStation did the work
  3. Clean data in automation = more auto-matches
  4. Priority: Manually matching unmatched songs
  5. Customize your matches any way you want

Overview & Transcript

Matching songs is simple.  In fact, many songs will be auto-matched for you by TagStation. An auto-match is created when the artist and song title from your automation system exactly matches a result in Gracenote. Once a match is made, TagStation delivers the enhanced content to receiving devices each time the song is broadcast.


It's a good rule of thumb to review your auto-matches to ensure the album artwork and song details are on the mark. To confirm the accuracy of an auto-match, click the song in the list and then click the Confirm button. The song switches to the green Matched status to show that you've confirmed the match made by Gracenote.

If a song is played by your automation system and TagStation is unable to find an exact match in Gracenote, the song will appear in the list of Unmatched songs. To find a match, click the song from the list to launch the matching overlay. The search fields for artist and song title are pre-populated with the song data received from your automation system, and a list of relevant results from Gracenote appears below.

In this example, the song title received from the playout system - "sweat child of mine" – is clearly misspelled, which is why TagStation could not make an auto-match. From the search results we see the correct title - “sweet child 'o mine,” and I can roll over the magnifying glass to confirm the correct album artwork. Now that I've found a good match, I simply click on the song in the search results to confirm the match. It now appears in the list as a Matched song with the green checkmark icon.

If I click my newly matched song, it reveals the original misspelled information received from my playout system, but I don't have to make any changes in my local system - TagStation has created a link between the original information and the Gracenote result. Each time TagStation receives this information from my playout system, the matched Gracenote content will be delivered to receiving devices.

You can also go back and change a match at any time. Click any matched, auto-matched, or customized song in the list and then choose Change Match, which will launch an overlay where you can search for a new match within Gracenote's database.

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