Songs: Customizing Song Matches



  1. Customize artist, title, album, art for any song
  2. Useful for songs "featuring" other artists
  3. Useful for in-studio performances & remixes
  4. If a song has no art, station logo is delivered

Overview & Transcript

TagStation enables you to customize the artist, title, album and artwork for any snog you play. Uploading custom album art is useful for in-studio performances, remixes and for unreleased singles whose artwork is temporarily unavailable.


For example, Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop" is a pretty common track, but we're playing a special remixed version of the song on our station.

The song is currently unmatched in TagStation and that’s because there is no Gracenote data for the remixed version we’re playing.

So to start, I’ll click "find match" to look for the original recording…and as you see, the top result is the original album listing.

I could simply “click” and match my song to this Gracenote data, but I want my listeners to know that it's the Geoffrey C Remix. So instead I'll click the gray “C” to “match then customize” this song using the Gracenote data.

Now my song fields are populated with the information Gracenote was able to provide, and I’m able to make further customizations.  Specifically, I’ll add “Geoffrey C Remix” to the song title.

When I save the match, “Shoop” now shows in my station song list with the gray “customized” icon and has the remix information I entered as part of the song title.

To customize a song that’s auto-matched or matched, click the song in the song list, then click "change match.”

At the bottom of the pop-up screen click “customize.”   You’ll see the same editable fields as before.   Make your changes, hit save, and your song is now customized.

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