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  1. Match songs before they air
  2. Add your entire library's meta data 
  3. Add meta data for one song at a time

Overview & Transcript

Discover how to add a list of songs to your TagStation library all at once, or one song at a time, to make ensure your songs have the correct matches BEFORE they're broadcast.


When TagStation receives a song from your automation system for the first time, it attempts to match it to content available in the Gracenote database. 

You also have the option to add songs individually or in bulk, to TagStation, before they’ve been sent by your automation system. 

Doing so enables you to make song matches before a song plays, ensuring you have the correct content matched before the song is broadcast.

Let's say we have a list of songs that we're adding to the station rotation. Here I've created a spreadsheet from the song list in my automation system. It includes the cut ID, artist name, and song title for each song, exactly as it's entered in automation. That part is key - anything you're directly uploading to TagStation should be the exact spelling and the exact ID from automation so that TagStation recognizes it when it's broadcast for the first time.

I've exported my spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file, which is the format that TagStation uses for upload. From the songs interface, I click "upload song list" and select the text file that I have saved on my computer. The songs are then added to my station song library, and TagStation attempts to find a match for each song in the Gracenote database.

At this point I can go in and match or customize any unmatched songs, or confirm auto-matches made by TagStation.

The process is similar for adding songs individually - you'll need to pull the exact cut ID, artist name, and song title from your automation system, and then click "add song" to launch an overlay containing those fields. Fill out the fields and click "save and match" to search Gracenote.

For some new songs, Gracenote will not have artwork or meta data for the song until the album release date (or shortly thereafter). This means that some singles on unreleased albums will remain unmatched until Gracenote updates their database. You can always customize a new single by uploading your own artwork or an approved artist image and include any edits to the other available fields.

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