Campaigns: Creating a Campaign



  1. Make spots & promos more engaging
  2. Enhancements are delivered in sync w/ audio
  3. Enables listeners to act on audio call-to-action
  4. Up-sell capabilities to advertisers for more $s

Overview & Transcript

Radio stations use Campaigns to make spots & promos more engaging. "Enhanced content" created in Campaigns is delivered to receiving devices in-sync with the over-the-air audio. Create Campaigns to increase listener engagement and revenue.  


TagStation's campaigns let you enhance broadcast spots or promos with an image, text, and interactivity to increase listener engagement.

To create a campaign click the Campaigns tab in TagStation then click "new campaign" in the top right corner.

There are a number of fields you may choose to fill in, but for this video we'll focus on the basic configuration and core broadcast content here in the left column.

Start by naming the campaign you're creating. This is an internal name for our own reference.

The next two fields are related to sales tracking. There is a small transaction fee per thousand impressions to deliver advertiser content over the mobile network.  Your sales team can upsell the inventory to advertisers for any amount they desire.

The advertiser for this campaign is McDonald's, so I'll fill in the advertiser name and leave the maximum impressions at 2000 for now.

You may have noticed the checkbox for unpaid station promotions. This allows stations to run campaigns for any station-branded promos - like the promos you might run for your morning show - without incurring a transaction fee. The only stipulation is that an unpaid promotion cannot have sponsor information attached and the campaign can only be linked to promos. Campaigns that are linked to spots require sales tracking.

Now that sales tracking is configured, I'll move down to the next section where the campaign is linked to the cart numbers of the spots or promos I'm running. The event ID that I'm adding here is the spot or promo number that I got from my automation system. I'll enter p00313 and p00310, and you'll see them added to the ID list below. Now that these spots are linked, TagStation knows that it should serve this campaign content whenever the linked spots are broadcast.

Next I enter the flight dates for this campaign. These should match the flight dates for the spots that are linked to the campaign. I'm running spots for a week starting today, so I'll have this run during that same window of time. I can always come in and modify this information if I need to.

At the bottom of the left column is the broadcast content - the headline, text, and image that will display when linked spots play. I'll enter my headline, the descriptive text, and upload an image. Once I've entered everything, I can click the "preview" button at the bottom of the page to see how this campaign looks in the NextRadio emulator. This view shows me exactly what a listener will see when the spot is broadcast.

If everything looks good, I can click "create" and my campaign is now saved and ready to go.

Check out our related video for details on creating enhanced interactivity for campaigns with maps, calendar events, SMS texts and more! Thanks for watching!

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