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  1. TagStation attempts to match songs to artwork
  2. Automatched: TagStation did the work
  3. Priority: Manually matching unmatched songs
  4. Customize your matches any way you want

Overview & Transcript

The Songs tab is used to manage the artist, title and album art delivered to receiving devices when you broadcast a song. The enhanced content available in TagStation (for delivery to devices) comes from Gracenote, the world’s largest and most comprehensive music database.


Here’s how it works: TagStation receives the artist name, song title and Cut ID from your playout system for each song you broadcast.  

The first time a song is received, the artist name and song title are used to search Gracenote for matching content.

When TagStation finds an exact match in Gracenote, the content is auto-matched to the song.

From that point forward, the auto-matched Gracenote content will be sent to receiving devices every time the song is broadcast from your playout system.

If TagStation is unable to find an exact match in Gracenote, the song data received from your playout system is left untouched and the song becomes an unmatched song. 

Unmatched songs are the number one priority for song management.  If left unmatched, TagStation will send your station logo and the artist name and song title provided by your playout system to receiving devices each time the song is broadcast. 

There are a couple of other song categories to cover, so let’s look at the overview section at the top of the page. The overview shows the number of songs included in each category, starting with all songs in your library.

Matched Songs are songs you’ve matched or confirmed on your own, and Auto-Matched Songs were matched for you by TagStation.

Un-Matched Songs don’t have an exact match available in Gracenote, and Customized Songs are songs whose artist, title or album art were customized in some way.

You can click on any category to filter the song library below. 

The accuracy rate on the right of the page displays the percentage of songs that are matched in Gracenote or customized in some way. Below that is a search bar to quickly find a song in your library.

For more thorough discussion of song matching, see our other videos!

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