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  1. Enhanced content for your on-air programs
  2. Schedule is priority #1 (after Settings complete)
  3. At MINIMUM build your M-F, 6a-10p line-up
  4. Tip: Use "Station Schedule" in Content settings

Overview & Transcript

TagStation's Schedule feature enables stations to deliver enhanced content about their on-air programs to receiving devices.  Schedule is the heart and soul of the visual and interactive experience Talk stations offer their listeners and is equally important for Music stations.


Think of TagStation’s Schedule feature as the TV Guide for your on-air programming. Schedule content shows your listeners what's on-air when there are no song, spot, or promo events playing from your automation system.

Here's the basics on how it works: TagStation receives a notification every time a song, spot, or promo plays from your automation system. Each of those events has a duration, and the content associated with each event is displayed for the duration of that event.

When the duration of an event expires, TagStation looks for the next event. If, for example, the morning show has gone from a song to a live in-studio discussion, there is no event information available and TagStation will look to your Schedule to see what should be displayed. In this case we've set up our schedule to show an image of the Morning Show with a link to their page on our station website.

Other examples where Schedule content is displayed include live reads, talking in between songs, or any part of the broadcast played outside of the automation system. For talk-based stations, Schedule content will display more frequently and for longer periods of time due to the nature of the programming.

The Schedule interface makes it easy to add on-air shows or events with broad or granular timing. The starting view shows the current broadcast week, which can be changed from the top of the page. Each on-air event is listed by day and time in ascending order, with a column for the event content, the window of time the event should appear, and a calendar icon that will show you information about the event's recurrence. There are also buttons for editing, duplicating, or deleting an event in the Schedule.

For more details on managing your Schedule events, please see our related videos!

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