Campaigns: Overview



  1. Make spots & promos more engaging
  2. Enhancements are delivered in sync w/ audio
  3. Enables listeners to act on audio call-to-action
  4. Up-sell capabilities to advertisers for more $s

Overview & Transcript

Radio stations use Campaigns to make spots & promos more engaging. "Enhanced content" created in Campaigns is delivered to receiving devices in-sync with the over-the-air audio. Create Campaigns to increase listener engagement and revenue.  


TagStation's campaigns give your station the ability to enhance spots or promos you're playing on-air with an image, text, and interactivity to increase listener engagement.

When you're logged into TagStation you'll see tabs for Spots, NTR, and Campaigns. NTR is obviously a sales term, but we use it here to describe audio events that are categorized as promos in your automation system. Any time you play a spot or a promo, they'll show up in their respective buckets.

The Campaigns tab is where you create the content that will bring these spots and promos to life.

The main page has an overview section at the top that is similar to the overview found on the Songs page: there are clickable filters that show the total for all campaigns, active campaigns, pending campaigns, and expired campaigns.

In the campaign list below, you can see the status of a campaign on the left, a quick preview of the campaign content, the flight dates for the campaign, and a rollover that shows you the cart numbers currently attached to the campaign.

For example, this McDonald's campaign for the Filet-o-fish is linked to two different cart numbers. Each time these spots are broadcast, this content will display on the NextRadio app and other connected devices.

You can also see whether a campaign is being used as card content in NextRadio by looking for the card designation to the right of the campaign name.

The manage page makes it easy to duplicate campaigns so you can modify or recreate a campaign on the fly, or archive an expired campaign for future review or duplication. Archived campaigns can be viewed using the dropdown filter at the top of the page. 

This covers the basics for campaign management - for more information on creating and enhancing campaigns, check out our other videos. Thanks for watching!



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