Campaigns: Enhancing spots & promos



  1. Make spots & promos more engaging
  2. Enhancements are delivered in sync w/ audio
  3. Enables listeners to act on audio call-to-action
  4. Up-sell capabilities to advertisers for more $s

Overview & Transcript

Radio stations use Campaigns to make spots & promos more engaging. "Enhanced content" created in Campaigns is delivered to receiving devices in-sync with the over-the-air audio. Create Campaigns to increase listener engagement and revenue.  


In this video we're going to add some enhancements to an existing campaign.  I've already completed the basic content in the left column and linked this campaign to a couple of spots. Now I'm going to focus my attention on the right column, which is where I select enhancements that I want listeners to interact with when the spot is broadcast.

The optional enhancements in the right column are a great way to make spots and promos more engaging when viewed in NextRadio. The enhancements take advantage of smartphone or connected device features, giving listeners the opportunity to map the location of a store or venue, add an event to their mobile calendar, send a text or make a phone call instantly, or save a coupon to use at the point of purchase.

The call to action in our example spot is driving listeners to a remote broadcast at a car dealership, so I'm going to add a map to the location, a calendar event, and a website and phone number for the advertiser.

I'll start with the Basic enhancements - clicking Basic adds the Website and Phone number fields to the configuration area below. I'm also going to click Calendar Event and Find nearby and add those to the configuration area. Now I'm ready to fill in the content for the enhancements I've selected.

First I'll copy and paste a website URL. By default, the NextRadio button will read "visit website," but you can customize the button text by filling in the Website Action Text field. If I change this to say "visit us online!" you can see the change reflected in the emulator.

Now I'll copy and paste the phone number for the dealership, and I'm ready to move on to the Calendar event configuration.

These fields are used to populate the event in the listener's calendar, so I'll start with a title and then add the location of the event. Next is a description for the event, and then the start and end time.

Now that I've configured the calendar event, I'll add the address for the dealership in the Find nearby section. You can check the mapped location by using the "view map" link on the right.

The final step is to choose a primary call to action and then update this campaign to save my work. The primary call to action should be the enhancement you want to highlight for your listeners. In this case, I want to make sure that anyone hearing the spot will set up a reminder to come visit the dealership during the remote broadcast, so I'm going to choose the calendar event as the primary action.

Now when I look at the preview, I can see the primary button is "add to calendar", and under more actions I can see the rest of the enhancements I've configured. Everything looks good, so I'm going to click Update in the bottom right corner. The campaign will be saved, and the next time one of the linked spots is broadcast, this campaign content will be delivered to NextRadio.

Thanks for watching!

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