TagStation HTTPS Certificate compatibility


Due to recent HTTPS related vulnerabilities we had to update our certificate.

Some Microsoft unsupported Operating Systems are not compatible.  We encourage you to have the PC designated as your Middleware System to use a Microsoft supported Operating System(currently Windows 7 or better).

If unable to upgrade at this time you can take the following steps to reconnect to TagStation:


 1. Verify your Operating System:

       Windows XP SP3 with all updates

       Windows 2003 Server SP2 with all updates


2. Verify you have Security Update 2868626 in Add or Remove Programs on your Middleware PC. To show the Update in Add or Remove Programs in the top right, select the Show updates check box:

     If not present download and install from:



3. Update all Root Certificates on Middleware PC by going to Add or Remove Programs and Add/Remove Windows Components:


Go to https://admin.tagstation.com and you should see the Tagstation login screen.  Once you are able to see the login screen your Middleware software should start connecting to TagStation once again.


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