Best way to display NextRadio on a big screen


Are you interested in connecting NextRadio to a big screen somewhere in your facility? This used to be a tricky proposition, however with the recent release of NextRadio for tablets (featuring a horizontal layout), showing off your station is now a piece of cake.


What You Need

1. An Android tablet (running version 5.5.1 or higher)
2. A television with HDMI input
3. A Chromecast
4. Earbuds/Headphones
5. Wifi

How To Set-Up

1. Connect the Chromecast to your TV's HDMI input
2. Connect the tablet to Wifi
3. Download NextRadio to your tablet from the Google Play Store
4. Connect earbuds/headphones to tablet
5. Open NextRadio and select your station
6. Cast NextRadio to your TV via the Chromecast


This solution works on both NextRadio-supported and unsupported tablets.

On a NextRadio-supported tablet, you'll see the station visuals and hear audio on the tablet. The visuals can be cast to the television, the audio will only play on the tablet.

On an unsupported tablet, you'll see the station visuals on the tablet (no audio, because no FM chip in an unsupported tablet). The visuals can be cast to the television.

There is also one more trick to get the app to load on an unsupported tablet:

After downloading from the Google Play Store and opening for the first time, you will see an “FM Radio is unavailable” message.

This is the app recognizing the fact that the tablet does not have an FM chip.

To bypass this "wall" - tap the NextRadio logo 40x and the app will open.

From there you can connect via Chromecast.

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